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PAL Centre 11 plus/Seats support project has been completed after a very successful, popular support by the parents and the children. Over 22 children successfully completed the whole project.
The students were awarded certificates and presents for their achievements.
The trustees would to thank all our guest speakers and volunteers who helped in delivering such an excellent project. Special thanks to our guest speakers:

  • Mr. Vince Cleghorne
  • Natalie Reeves
  • Ms. Shadia
  • Mr. Alam Nawaz JP

PAL Centre and its trustees would like to record special thanks to the following members who with their hard work and dedication made the whole project such an excellent success:

  • Mr. Alam Nawaz
  • Mr. Hamayun Mirza
  • Mr. Ahmed Munir

The President, Mr. Sarfraz Ali MBE said that PAL CENTRE is very proud to run such an excellent project. He Said that a big credit goes to the Project Manager and the teacher, M/s Sayira Tazayian who through her knowledge and experience created and delivered an excellent curriculum for the students.

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